Cost Per Transaction Model for Issuing Voucher Numbers

The diagram below indicates the
process of Issuing Vouchers

The Process of Purchasing Voucher Numbers

  1. The Landlord or Property Manager contacts Meter Mate and requests numbers to be generated and pays a small admin fee for each Voucher Number.
  2. Each Voucher Number has the value of 100 electrical units. The Landlord or Property Manager sells the Voucher to the Tenant for the Rand equivalent of 100 electrical units (kwH) and sets aside the money to pay the council electricity bill at the end of the month.
  3. On receiving the Voucher Number the Tenant enters it on the keypad of the prepaid meter which credits him with 100 units of electricity.
  4. When the 100 units run out he will need to purchase another voucher. It is possible for him to purchase multiple vouchers and enter them all at the same time.
  5. It is up to the Landlord or Property Manager to determine how many vouchers they wish to purchase or issue at any one time.

NB! The Vouchers can be made out for any amout of electrical units. The amount of 100 above is just an illistrative example.