Full Bulk Metering Management Model

The diagram below indicates the process of Issuing Vouchers and Payment

The Process of Purchasing Voucher Numbers and Account Management

  1. The Tenant has the choice of purchasing Voucher Numbers from various outlets:
    1. Over the internet where computer links via to the central Utility Vending Database.
    2. Via a Cellular Phone registered to his account and Credit Card or Prepaid Vending Machines that link using GPRS to the central Utility Vending Database.
    3. Mobile Low Cost Point of Sale (POS) terminals located at the complex that connect to the central vending database via GPRS to the central Utility Vending Database.
    4. At many participating 3rd Party websites and vendors comprising; retail outlets, banks, ATMs and virtually any merchant that has a GPRS enabled POS terminal linked to the central Utility Vending Database (e.g. Pick n Pay).
  2. The Tenant receives a printed Voucher Number on his receipt of payment or via text message to his cellphone which he the enters into his Meter Mate Prepaid Meter.
  3. All payments received by the central Utility Vending Database are held in an account and aggregated according to their respective meter numbers. These in turn are combined together into a bulk account per property.
  4. The money collected in the Bulk Metering Account is automatically paid over to the Owner / Manager less the percentage management fee deducted for Meter Mate services.
  5. Management reports can be drawn off the Meter Mate Utility Vending Database that can be used to:
    1. Track trends to help with maintenance and peak demand times.
    2. Monitor the accuracy of the council meter and the amount being billed by the Council.
    3. Measure the consumption of individual meters and detect any fraud or irregularities.
    4. Give valuable feedback and advice to Tenants and advise them on excess consumption.
    5. Identify problem clients and restrict their purchase of recharge Vouchers.